How to find the best solar installer dealer?

So you are now well educated on what solar energy is and what solar panels do. You were also probably now convinced that it is a win-win solution for everyone since you get to save on utility and you also get to save the Earth from an imminent resource shortage. By now you want to know which solar dealer to come to when it comes to your first solar power setup, right?

Look no further because we, SunPower, are here to help you make your decision on the matter. We also would like to lessen the intimidation factors when it comes to you delving into a new venture. We have all been there and, as much as possible, we all like to know we made the right or even practical choices.

Of course, we would like to begin with our very own SunPower, as our company is a tried and tested proprietor of solar panel technology. SunPower is also one of the oldest solar power companies in the world to ever exist from its humble beginnings back in 1985. Since then, SunPower has made numerous deals with huge multinational businesses in setting up their own solar power arrays and panels as alternatives to the traditional power plant electricity or generator. If you’re not convinced, just ask Walmart, Macy’s, FedEx, USPS, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, and Hewlett Packard (HP), they are all satisfied partners of SunPower.

Knowing is half the deal

With that said, we would like to give some tips on how to make your first deal with your first solar panel setup. This also might be useful for those who already have experience. The first thing to do is to make sure you know what panel you need and be specific when it comes to communicating with a chosen dealer or manufacturer.

It pays to do even quick research on the matter, such as the different technologies available for solar panels as well as which companies handle the best of which. Also, start small, you might want to keep your search in your local area, hopefully, SunPower is available there, but if it is not, then check to see if the said company has a good and tested reputation when it comes to solar energy panels.

Being a well-versed buyer in the field of solar energy and solar panels will also ensure that no dealer or manufacturer will try to sway you with stretched or half-truths and that notorious upselling just to get you to buy. For this, you may also want to check reviews for a specific solar power dealer or manufacturer you are aiming for as well as some recommendations.

Efficiency and reliability

Once you have found the right dealer, don’t be too quick into purchasing yet, make sure you understand the technology they are offering in order to plan ahead. Always ask about the efficiency and reliability of a certain panel or technology. Efficiency is the amount of ambient sunlight that the panel can convert into usable electricity. You can then use this as a point for comparison compared to other brands you might have seen.

Then there is the reliability factor, which is how long the panel will last you, typically this is between 25 to 40 years. Again, you can use this as a comparison benchmark for other products, you also might want to keep an eye out for the optimal operating temperature of a solar panel from a dealer since this can affect the output of the panel. The higher the temperature threshold of the panel, the better it is at operating in hot areas like Arizona or Texas.


Of course, without question, solar panels would definitely be exposed to different elements in nature since they are going to be placed outside the house. So one of the factors you want to consider is how durable they are going to be against various physical forces and wear and tear. Then there are the unavoidable dangers of people throwing rocks at them or other debris from the sky (like hail and snow) which may damage the equipment.

It is better to also know which extreme weather conditions can the solar panels tolerate, particularly during stormy seasons or winter where the sky will definitely not be sunny often and might even be more violent than the usual rainwater. Winds, snow, torrential rains, and the debris that comes along with it, are important to keep in mind when selecting a brand. With that said, you might want to ask for a demonstration of durability or at least testimonials from customers who have tried and tested the products.

Other materials

It is also important to know the quality of the other materials that a dealer or manufacturer uses. Sure, you might have gotten the best panel technology out there, but when the materials that hold it in place are not as high-quality, then the panel may not be greater than the sum of its parts and is holding back its full potential.

We are referring to the cables, the inverter, the mounting hardware, and more, since these may be just as important as the panels themselves, particularly the inverter. This part ensures that the direct current (DC) electricity that the solar panel generates can actually be used for your homes, this is because in the US, alternate current (AC) is the norm and the inverter transforms the solar panel’s DC into AC.

Now imagine if this part easily breaks down or is subpar compared to the panels, the whole thing might as well be useless. The same thing goes for the cables since they handle the transfer of electricity.

Warranty guarantee

While there definitely is a warranty on the solar panels themselves, what about the procedure and the production of the devices? Be sure to ask the brand you have chosen in this regard since the solar panels might be covered but other aspects of installation and lifespan may not. We are pertaining to your house’s roof, what if it gets damaged during the installation? Or the panel defects, what if they stop working suddenly?

In this aspect, SunPower is proud to declare that all bases are covered, including your house’s roof during installation, as well as the money-back guarantee or replacements should the solar panels turn out to be defective. It would definitely be difficult to spot another dealer or manufacturer that is able to provide the same insurance for your home and solar panels.

Find the best

You are making a major investment by shifting to solar energy, even if you choose to retain some of that traditional utility energy you are using. That is why you want and need the best since any major investment should be handled like the sacred deal it is by worthy and reliable dealers.

When finding the best, a quick search may yield some good results, but when determining which one to choose, it is usually a good practice to listen to the public voice or the verdict of the people as these are the guys who have tried and tested the product. You would do well to learn from their mistakes or take their good advice on something. Simply look for a brand with the most reviews and try to cross-reference it with their ratings, more reviews with high ratings means good quality control compared to high ratings with just a handful of reviews.

You also may want to check different and several websites that rank solar power companies since different populations yield different results when it comes to product reception. This may take a few minutes to several hours, but at least information is always readily available online and there is no need for you to do some legwork. Just be sure to make your searches specific to minimize confusion.

As always, it is up to you to pick a solar power dealer worthy of your time. Just know that SunPower is always here to help with your solar energy needs, whether you chose us or not.

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