Tips – How to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Let’s face it, we can’t live without electricity, it’s just too important. Without it, modern society might now progress at all, no trains will run, no offices will function, and houses might become uninhabitable.

So it’s a basic necessity in this day and age, however, depending on where you live, it still costs a lot and might even consume a considerable chunk of your monthly income. Still, there are ways to save some spare money that would have been consumed by an excessively high electric bill, some of these are rather surprising event:

A full fridge is foolproof

This might sound like a ridiculous thing to do since you are saving after all, but a refrigerator is actually one of the most electricity-intensive appliances in a house. The contents of a fridge, however, acts as insulation for that low temperature. This means that a fridge that is full will have to work less hard than an empty one because it will take less effort and therefore less electricity to keep itself cold.

So perhaps, try keeping some excess food in the fridge to act as insulation. This is apart from keeping the fridge door closed at all times too.

Keep that thing off and unplugged

You might be surprised that 75 percent of all the energy used by home electronics and appliances is actually consumed while they are turned off. These culprits are any electronics with timers on them such as the washing machine, dryer, television, toaster, etc.

So instead of unplugging them after each use which can get tedious, you can try plugging all of them into a power strip and just turn off the strip once you are done using the appliance.

Cold washing

When washing your clothes, make sure to turn off the water heating. Why? Because 90 percent of all the energy consumed by your washing machine actually goes to heating the water. Depending on how often you wash your clothes, this could amount to a big chunk of savings each month.

The same can be said for heated water during showers. Turning the temperature also lowers energy consumption. Cold water is also good for the immune system, just not during the mornings though.

Let there be LED light

Light emitting diodes (LED) lights are scientifically proven and tested to have a much longer lifespan than the regular fluorescent or incandescent light bulb, and in some cases and brands, are probably even brighter than them. They also produce less heat, which means less use of electricity.

LED lights have been proven to be about 90 percent more efficient than traditional light bulbs. So replace that hot bulb with a more modern one and watch your electricity bill go lower.

Use the sun

Sometimes all the power you need is right in front of your eyes, we have a big glowing ball of fire a few hundred million kilometers away and it has plenty of spare energy for billions of years more. Harnessing this energy using properly made solar energy arrays from solar power companies like SunPower could provide you with a lot of spare electricity that you can use instead of the city utility.

In some cases, and depending on the size of your household and your consumption, solar panels might even be able to replace the traditional power companies in your city. The initial investment can go a long way, and that is what SunPower promises when you avail of one of the power services. So when you have done everything else above, you might want to consider this one as the cherry on top.

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